Pornographic Wine Opening

With such poor education done on wine service, I have seen many bizarre ways of opening a bottle of wine. This latest opening was priceless. I wish I had a camera! Here I am at dinner with three female sales representatives at a fairly casual restaurant. The food is always good but the service is average at best. I order a bottle of wine and male server returns to the head of the four top with the wine. The fronts of his thighs are pressed against the edge of the table and his back is arched slight back away from the table. He has the base of the bottle resting on his belt buckle of his low ridding saggy pants with the top of the bottle erected at 45 degree angle out toward the center of the table. (Yes, erected is the correct term to use here) His left hand firmly grips the neck of the bottle while he uses his right hand with knife to slowly pick an peel the capsule off which is dropping to the table. This male server is completely oblivious to the females sniggering and sexual innuendos being bandied about at the table. He was a young server, nervous and really concentrating on the bottle. With the bottle still erected at a 45 degree angle he begins to insert the cork screw into the cork. He twists it in, gyrates his hips slightly, and with a grunt yanks the cork out. This gives way to a loud pop and wine spurting out of the bottle on to the table. Red faced and embarrassed from his accident, the ladies all want to make him feel better. They compliment him on his performance and tell him that tends to happen with young and inexperienced males, but with practice he could be a pro… although I am not entirely sure what profession they were referring.