Selfish Beautiful Bartenders

I was recently in Philadelphia and had dinner at a very hip and trendy restaurant. I was by myself with no reservations, so got a comfy seat at the cool looking oval-like bar in the center of the restaurant. The space had a good feel to it but as soon as I sat at the bar I began to feel uncomfortable. I am not dressed particularly fashionable, and the two “designer” bar tenders seemed less than impressed that I was sitting at their bar.   I sat there for 5 minutes and 34 seconds before the male bartender finally broke away from some regulars to greet me. His female counter part was on the other side of the bar primping her hair and face with her girlfriends. If the male tender knew I had been waiting he made no reference to it. In fact, after he gave me a menu he made the comment, “when you know what you want, let me know” and walked away.   As the bar began to fill, it became very obvious that the two tenders would make a bee line for the “designer” regulars, but the average looking joe’s like myself were ignored. Normally I always order of a variety of appetizers and an entrée when trying out a new place, but that night I only ordered an entrée because I could not get either bar tender to provide me information about the menu. In fact, my wine glass remained empty most of the night and I had to beg for a 2nd glass when my entrée came out.   For a while I thought this entire “designer” image thing was in my head until the irritated customer next to me made the following off handed comment “don’t I look money enough for service” to the one bartender. Unfortunately, as correct as his comment was, he became the “A-hole” customer in the eyes of the two designer bartenders.   It was really quite sad as the ambiance and menu of the place looked great. But for the bartenders it was all about them.